The Nightbeast started as a joke, and depending on who you ask, it may be just that. Nick Testa started writing and recording silly songs in between beers to make his friends laugh. As former member of what is now Hawthorne Heights, and guitar tech for bands such as Bayside, Say Anything, and Brand New; Nick had seen the world of serious music and wanted to put his own bizarre and fun spirited spin on it. After many years of solo sets and national tours with Hawthorne Heights, Hit The Lights, Just Surrender and more; Testa decided it was time to give up! Instead of doing that (which would have been so easy) he handpicked five special and unique characters to fill out the band. The music and shows have gotten a little more serious but still maintains the core value of "just have fun, no matter who you are, or what you look like". If you catch Nightbeast what you'll get is a full fledged party band. Jumps, kicks, and jump kicks flank a sound that is pop with alternative, hip hop, punk, electronic, and comedy all drenched in malt liquors and other various substances not available for print. The Nightbeast may not be for everyone; but they are for anyone.​



The Grown Up - The Nightbeast
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Them Nasty Boys - The Nightbeast
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Waiting To Die - The Nightbeast
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