YARDBOSS at HoliDayton

The musicianship within this band is enough to tackle the feats of many Dayton bands. The talent in this band is almost matched with the band’s attitude. A confidence that promotes the lack of caring whether you like them or not. It’s tangible and intoxicating.

Christian Roerig of YARDBOSS

Their live shows are new constantly in their ability to reach the crowd. A band that genuinely wants to be there and their music is infectious. I’ve had the opportunity to hear them over 5+ times. They are the loudest band I’ve ever seen.

Christian Roreigs (front man and bass) resonate the tongue and cheek lifestyle bleeds through every performance. I once heard Christian make a joke that “after the show to please not come up to them, because they had enough friends”. Their humor meets the tunes in a way that makes sense. Pauly B and Craig Meyers are two of the three guitar players perpetuate who they are as a band through catchy riffs and vocal harmonies. Robbie Bauer at lead guitar could make your grandmother tell you and your beastie brother friends to turn down. His presence welcomes you to the stage. Mike Werthmen’s drumming is driving and pushing the envelope.

Their way to move the crowd with their catchy riffs and their sheer attitude is a sight to see. Their rowdiness is inviting. Watching as others dance around the crowd made my 6”3 self bob back and forth. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them. But, I wouldn’t write about them if I didn’t like this band.

Craig Myers

Yardboss is like your Beastie Boy cousins meeting your Fugazi relatives and bonding over a Dayton tradition of laughs and beer soaked love. My own mother threw away their T-shirt when I did laundry at their house. She took one look at the “We wish we were dead” and tossed it.

Do yourself a favor, Check out their music online, and see Yardboss, February 2nd with Marijuana Johnson, The Raging Nathan’s, and No Balance

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