Week in Review: Fight Night/MELTED/One Night Event with ‘Son of HipHop’/Sound Valley Music Fest

Photo taken by Zack Sliver

Last weekend, Daytonians abroad celebrated the rich boxing history left behind by generations before at the Dayton Historicals Societies annual Dayton FIght Night downtown at Memorial Hall. Dave Greer’s Classic Jazz Stompers started off the evening with some swinging tunes that took the crowd back to a time when these fights were so popular. Amatuer boxers spent the three prior months training at Browns Institute of Martial Arts in Centerville learning the basics of boxing and a kickboxing style called Muy Thai. After having trained each boxer individually, their sensae, Jeff Brown, refereed each fight while a panel of selected judges determined the outcome of each round. Fighters held nothing back as they stepped into the ring and endured each other’s abuse long past the point of earning an immense respect by not just their opponent, but the entire community cheering them on as well. Attendees were encouraged to dress for the 1920’s and eventually the night ended with a speakeasy themed afterparty that anyone could enjoy as Funky G and the Groove Machine played out set after set for folks to dance to and enjoy while mingling with the fighters, coaches, sponsors and fans. All in all it was a great event set for the end of February as the winter cold tries desperately to hang on into the first glimpses of the coming spring while celebrating a great cause with a community that inspires us all.


The very next day I was fortunate enough to make it all the way up to our neighbors in Columbus to attend the MELTED music festival put on by Nelsonville Music Festival and Stuart Opera House. Headliners included bands Ty Segall and White Fence, The Black Lips, Cherry Glazerr, Heron Oblivion, Kikagaku Moyo, Ma halos, Deerhoof, Dana, and JJUUJJUU. The festival was hosted in an old church downtown off Broad Street which added just as much character as the incindiary lineup that rocked the ears of hundreds of happy fans. It was a one day event and by the end of the evening, everyone still sober enough to stand was buzzing with inspiration and excitement. I know for me personally, it symbolized a celebration for the cold winter left behind. (Someone just forgot to tell Ohio)

K.CARTER & Vanae/Third Perk Coffee

On Wednesday of the following week I was invited to Third Perk Coffee house to to a One Night Only event with ‘Son of Hip Hop’ K.Carter, Vanae and Dre. After some awe inspiring poetry by Quiet the Storm and Y the Poet, the official Nerd Boy Xtrordinair entertained the packed coffee house with some new songs. It was a very intimate event with interaction among fans and artists throughout and I was grateful to be a part of it.

RIND/Sound Valley Winter Music Festvial

Finally this Saturday, Sound Valley hosted its Winter Music Festival at The Brightside on Third street downtown. You could call me biased since I write for this publication but I had very little to do, like in all seriousness the least amount humanly possible, with structuring and planning this event. To say I was impressed lacks all the merit that this event deserves. I’ll be honest with you Dayton, I wasn’t sure I was even going to go and here’s why. Anyone who's been to any show downtown knows that sometimes it feels like after a long week you’d really rather not move from the couch watching reruns of X Files and snacking on the last thing in your pantry. For me it’s really easy to get stuck in that mindset, especially when it’s three degrees and wet outside but I truthfully couldn’t be more glad that I changed my mind.

ZACK SLIVER of YUPPIE/Acoustic stage

Let me start off and just say how proud I am to have been a part of this event. Wow. EVERYONE INVOLVED made this event what it was and it was like watching a painter paint or a seamstress sew to see how seamlessly this festival came together LIKE IT HAD NEEDED TO HAPPEN. Every band member I spoke with, every fan in the audience, hell even the food vendors in attendance were blown away by the sheer amount of spirit in the room as Daytonites came together not only to party, and there was plenty of that thanks to the fine folks serving at The Brightside, but also to support an innitiative that started out as an idea to promote Dayton’s thriving musical talent.

Artist Tiffany Clark

Sound Valley worked alongside The Foodbank Inc. to collect food donantions for the needy in the area and by the end of the night, ended up with over $1200 in donations and several hundred pounds of food.


Truely feeling #blessed. Its one thing to work for a company and another to believe in what they stand for.

We Are The Movies/Main Stage

Make sure to keep an eye out later this week for a more comprehensive review of the Sound Valley Winter Festival and in the meantime, check out our Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on whats going on in Daytons music scene.