Sidekick Complex celebrates 5th anniversary at Blind Bob's

This was their 5 year anniversary from their first show. Their band is bass and drums behind a vocal hip hop lead. At different points in the show it has blends different genres together: Hip hop, punk and funk

I’m proud to call this band my friends. But as I told Tino I’d be honest. I don’t want to write pieces about people that don’t have the stuff. Sidekick Complex in my opinion has the stuff. Though Tino expressed frustration at playing the same tunes for over the past 5 years, told me that he and the band would be writing new music. Though from seeing this band over the years, I’ve never once been bored with their music. That’s a talent that I don’t even possess. I get bored with playing my own music after a certain time frame of playing the same songs.

Tino (Vocals) is one of the most humble human beings I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. His smile is an inside view to his heart that he wears on the outside of his clothing. His music meets the personality of the band. When Sound Valley was looking for a writer, I jumped at the opportunity to write about Sidekick Complex. As a front man he has the ability to reach a crowd and draw them in with his stage presence. While dancing around, his laugh and his chuckle make me not only love the show and their music; but believe they love it too. The poetic soliloquies that flow from Tino’s mouth beckon the listener to continue listening. I have. Will you?

Paige Beller (Drummer), When having a conversation with a friend in the crowd he said, “save some talent for the rest of us” - Chris Berry. 

Paige Beller who played her solo act in the beginning of the show jumped behind the drums to do a metaphorical dance between her and Chris that made me question if she was actually human. She has that musician drive that so many people claim to have, but most rarely do. The amount of projects she’s in makes me tip my hat to. It's something in the band that makes them a sight to see. All of them have their hands in different projects. They’re talented and energetic. Her hair remained in her face most of the show while playing the dancing circles on stage.

Chris Barnett was rocking white and black checkered pants with no shoes on in the middle of a Dayton snow storm. His bass runs around the cadence of Tino’s voice in a way that made the crowd dance. Chris’s stage presence is dancing back and forth while making power stances, while he carries the beat with Paige. His runs up and down the neck of that bass is a sight to see. If you like bass and drum driven music. You’ll love it. The glances between band members and laughs shared shows how much they enjoy playing live.

You know what I came for? Sidekick Complex.

This is one of my favorite songs that they play!

Came For

(Verse 1)

I get it though I treat you well and respect ya

We laid the ground rules but I'm startin to suspect ya

Think this is becoming more baby I been there before

And I ain't goin back no it's nothing that you lack

Trust me honey I am so particular

And you got the right angles like you perpendicular

That geometry lead to our chemistry

But this exchange of energy ain’t eternally


She asked would I still lover her in the morning

I said baby fair warning I don’t even love you now

But you know what I came for

Yeah you know what I came for


(Verse 2)

I tried to tell ya baby this is not a love story

But you wouldn't listen to me I said fairytale bore me