Overbite X Better Anyway

On April 12th, local pop punk bands Overbite and Better Anyway released a collaborative EP or 'Split'. A tandem follow up to both bands debut EP's, these four emotionally charged songs rock with a take no prisoners attitude and a resolve for improved mental health. Perhaps atypical to their genre, these bands showcase a wide spectrum of sounds and moods, not only in the music itself but in the art and song titles. The release begins with Overbite contributions "Salami Pocket" and "Didgeridudes". The offbeat titles might suggest a knavery attitude of mischief and youth, but dont be fooled. Overbite doest hold back in these high octane pleas for relief from social and economic anxiety. Vocalist Nick Foley aggressively lays out a myriad of emotion both screamed and sang, even quoting Commodor Norington of our beloved Pirates of the Caribbean. Notably, Foley also produced the EP and both bands debut EP's. There is something refreshing about two bands working together in a normally would-be competitive market, and there is hope that these local trend-setters will inspire others in the scene to do the same. The next two songs are of course Better Anyway's "I Don't Even Know Why" and "Ghost". Both songs strip away pretense and pride, offering a honest look at overcoming personal challenges and anxiety. Though they carry more of an impactful slow-jam feel, these songs hit hard both sonically and emotionally. We have so much to look forward to from these two local acts, and if you would like to stream this EP and their other releases you can find them on all major platforms including spotify, itunes, and bandcamp.

Listen here:

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