Nothing "Delicate" about the lineup at The Story Changes' album release show


The Story Changes takes the stage

 The show started early at the Yellow Cab this past Saturday, but the momentum built quickly. New World Natives initiated the evening off right, warming the atmosphere and priming the crowd for an evening of powerful rock. With vocals and guitar riffs precise as lightning, and funky bass rhythms and percussion that resound like thunder, this four piece band certainly got the people out of their seat; ready to rock and rumble. By the end of the set, the room was charged and ready to go!

New World Natives

     As the set list rolled on, the tone remained quite vivacious for RIND; an attitude quite appropriate because these guys know how to put on a hell of a great rock show. As the crowd grew, so did the sound as powerful chords, keys, and beats emanated from the stage. The excitement grew until the audience was just as engaged as the animated musicians leading the charge. From the rockabilly-reminicent tracks, to the classic rock style anthems, to their more emotionally-charged ballads, they proved Rock Is Not Dead, but was (and is) living and breathing here in Dayton. Needless to say, the party was underway.


     When Lioness began to play next, it became obvious that there was just as much of a party developing onstage as the one that had been building offstage. The many members of Lioness seemed to sincerely be enjoying the evening as they brought a bit of folksy flair to the festivities. Their set displayed impressive harmonies, fierce talent and the sweet sounds of the mandolin, adding a little spice to the rock show. The group was certainly a powerhouse of sound and energy, bringing an infectious joy and enthusiasm to their performance. They don't perform terribly often, so this opportunity to see them was a lucky one.


     Things really kicked into gear as The Story Changes finally took the stage. It was a one-two punch of nostalgic 90s sound and modern edge; an intensity fueled by the more recent inclusion of more bold and blazing bass and vocals to the band's music. An array of older songs and new releases had fans singing along and newcomers getting pumped as we all were seeing stars. The performance was worth the wait, and the album, To Hell With This Delicate Equation, is totally deserving of the anticipation. (Head to or your platform of choice ie Spotify or Apple Music to give it a listen and ascertain for yourself. And for a little view into the fun and shenanigans of the Dayton music scene, check out The Story Changes' video for Shooting Stars; featuring many familiar faces including many who performed/were in attendance Saturday.

The Story Changes

     For the final performance, things got heavy at the Yellow Cab: so heavy it felt like everything offstage sank deep into the earth, and we were all watching Back Stabbath's set from underground. The crowd was riveted to the powerful and familiar music delivered with passion and skill. Black Sabbath would be proud. The band brought a strong and solid conclusion to a wicked lineup and a killer show.

Back Stabbath

Didn't make the show? Feeling like you missed out? Don't fret! All these bands will playing again locally at the following dates and locations:

New World Natives will be at Sideshow 14 at Yellow Cab Tavern on May 24th.

RIND plays with Grinder at Wing's Sports Bar and Grill July 19th.

Lioness is playing Stay Together, the afterparty show for Come Together (a tribute show to The Beatles), on August 17th at Yellow Cab Tavern.

You can catch The Story Changes at IndieCraft: a band, brews, and food festival at Mother Stewart's Brewing Co

Friday, May 17th.

Back Stabbath's next local show will be at Blind Bob's with Electric

Citizen and Black Sire November 23rd .

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