No Amps, All Talent

Updated: May 10, 2019

     It was a lovely night for the gates to be rolled up at Yellow Cab Tavern. The cool air gently sauntered in while four very talented bands welcomed those in attendance into what could easily have been mistaken for a familiar garage filled with friends and neighbors. The setting felt very intimate and the tone was one of high regard and appreciation as the acoustic sets got underway.

     The bands played in a round-robin fashion, each trading off every couple songs; sliding smoothly between well executed beloved covers to entrancing originals. Instead of featuring each band one at a time from the stage, each group was arranged in sections in the center of the floor, further inviting everyone to become part of the shared experience. The entire show felt seamlessly integrated moving from one song to the next, one band to the next; and yet no one band seemed to lose its unique flavor.

     The artists at this year's show included Whiskey For Kids, Nasty Bingo, John Dubuc & The Guilty Pleasures, and Vivian.

     Vivian, still fairly new as a group, delivered sweet harmonies and skilled guitar playing. They are certainly a band to keep an eye and an ear out for.

John Dubuc & The Guilty Pleasures did not disappoint with a home grown feel and an undeniable measure of talent, they seemed very comfortable with the acoustics and felt the most like skilled musicians holding a garage party.

      Nasty Bingo kept the energy up and the sound dynamic, making great use of their varied members and instruments: all in such great balance so as not to overpower each other in this acoustic set.

      Whiskey for Kids certainly did not lose a beat themselves playing this acoustic setting, also performing with array of instruments and a loud and talented group of individuals. They filled the space and the air with their strong performances all night, culminating in a rousing rendition of Tom Waits' Way Down in the Hole that shook the audience out of the respectful silence they had been faithfully upholding throughout the evening; inspiring many to spring right into this raucous sing a long- bringing the house down as they went.

     The event was one of great entertainment and company all around. If you feel like you missed out, make sure to catch one or all of these talented bands. (Nasty Bingo will be at Trolley Stop Saturday, May 18 at 9:30!) And be sure to take in a show in these upcoming warm months at Yellow Cab Tavern and take advantage of the open gates and the patio seating!

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