Minor 'Love single "When I Want"

Dayton's emo powerhouse Minor 'Love have announced their new Album "Good But Not Great" to be released on May 17, and also released single "When I want". Self described as "the noise that ur car makes after you hit a big pothole so you play limp bizkits debut to mask the grinding sound and your own sobbing"; Minor 'Love has been making its rounds touring and performing for 'sobbing' fans across the midwest. Their new single "When I want" takes no detours in its undertaking to make contact with the melancholy. Minor 'Love tackles interpersonal struggles lyrically and drenches them in a vibey wash of chime-like guitar riffs and booming toms. Vocalist Joey Noble draws from his seemingly endless stash of catchy melodies, formatted to his story telling lyrics; “My knees give out and my hands get sweaty, makes me feel like I’m not quite ready, I’d stay up all fuckin' night, waiting for you to pick a fight”.

Listen to Minor 'Love on Spotify, Apple Music, or Bandcamp and mark their album release on May 17th in your calenders.

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