​An evening of original artists at Hannahs on Ludlow.

Hannah’s is a calm yet eclectic little club on the outskirts of the entertainment district known by many for their famous oysters and jazz nights every Thursday. 

The first performer of the evening was a singer-songwriter who went by Cream Boy. There is something to be said for judging a book by its cover and that something is, we all do it. And though I was somewhat unsure of what exactly to expect as their sense of style seemed to be all over the place. Clean hair, dirty pants, and an electric blue guitar. Fashion, music, art. All being fundamentally part of the same performer's world. It usually has a common theme and as it would turn out, the music matched theirs beautifully.

Next up was RADATTACK out of Columbus. Their set was punchy and full of a synthetic recollection of all of that driving nonsense found in adolescence angst. The lead singer picked up the crowd with how hard he rocked out throughout each song. It wasn’t just singing, his performance dripped with lost youth and even more rare, he had a pretty solid band to back him. His Ramone influenced vocals pierced the veil of sound created by the rest of the rowdy bunch, a throwback to The Strokes if they had done a mash-up with guitar leads reminiscent of early Wolfmother.

Next up was Grigio. People danced and spun light up toy balls to the rhythmic drummer who also happened to be the lead singer in this band. This second band of teenagers was a perfect counterbalance to the rowdy nature of the previous act. The performance was laid back and awesome.

Finally, Isiclegang’s stage presence was an incendiary conclusion to the night with an entire set humorously dedicated to the joy of premarital sex. Though the singer was sick and with his voice gritty enough to challenge the great Tom Waits, it felt like the rough hands of soft-hearted old man where ultimately the graininess in the gruff became the price of their wisdom. It came to mind, as you listened, that only experience could have led each of them to that very moment as they shared the stage. They knew what they were doing, they had been in this place before, each of them wanted to charm the crowd and sharing the stage with one another became its own form of poetry. They experimented with a wide breadth of sound, from brass to digital woodwind, percussion to synthesizers, and of course the heartbeat of it all; the fat and resonating bass. When I closed my eyes I could almost make out the faint glow of neon signs somewhere along a deserted beach, and ultimately that's exactly how their music was impressed upon me, just like a throwback to the soft jazz in Miami Vice mixed with all of the heavy influences of eighties heat and bands like Zapp.

Overall a satisfying night out. Great venue, good service and decent music.

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