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While you focus on creating an unforgettable experience for your audience, our team of professional videographers and engineers are helping you live stream your event!

Here's What Others Have Said

Mark McMillon, The Story Changes & Hawthorne Heights

"Sound Valley delivers and is an absolute breeze to work with. Their coverage and video content is amazing and they have become an integral part of the Ohio music scene."


"Sound Valley was an integral part of capturing our performance in Dayton, OH. From the tasteful and impactful photos to the multi angle and performance videos that they captured. The content that they captured and provided will help us greatly with future promotion and marketing. If you’re looking for a team with unparalleled professionalism, then look no further than Sound Valley!"

Nick Testa, The Nightbeast

"Sound Valley is what Dayton is all about; potential. They see what could be inside so many artists in the area and bring it to the surface for everyone else to see. They love our city’s people and it shows, they work insanely hard to put out the best possible end product so people know how great we can be."

DC-King, Artist

"If you need help getting your name, music, or event out there then you're in the right place! Sound Valley is a great music marketing company that will help you reach a larger audience and allow you to meet great connections that can further your career."

Joe Anderl, The 1984 Draft

"Sound Valley has proven to be a valuable partner for The 1984 Draft in both event promotion and the creation of assets for our national marketing campaign. Sound Valley's expertise in social media and video creation helped The 1984 Draft create engaging content that enhanced the promotion of our events and served as a great EPK for our last record's press push. The team at Sound Valley is incredible to work with and understand the challenges of today's mid level indie musicians."

Amber Hargett, Artist

"As an artist, being associated with Sound Valley has been invaluable. The team truly believes in the artists they represent and take time to make them feel supported and appreciated. 

The relationship has also increased my recognition as a working local musician in Dayton,and has afforded me the opportunity to play some terrific gigs throughout the Miami Valley.”