Performing under his initialed moniker BJSR, Benjamin Rivet weaves intricate guitar, looped beatboxing and layered vocals into a seamless expression of rhythmic emotion that strikes a chord in more ways than one. The Michigan native has called Dayton home since transplanting to Ohio to study music, marketing and entrepreneurship in ’04. His career as a  jack-of-all-trades producer, performer and writer has resulted in steady national touring, hours of independently published multi-media content and self-produced marketing campaigns for a number of creative and commercial entities.  


In 2017 Rivet officially established his fledgling media and design company: Journeyman Productions, and has been in a state of “modern context creation” ever since.  in an era of content overload Ben has consistently released a diverse and dynamic portfolio spanning platforms, genres and industries. His music-centric creative voice and desire to deliver high-quality entertainment experiences continues to keep himself and his audience awaiting the next download



Journeyman - BJSR
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Follow The Leader - BJSR
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I Need You - BJSR
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