Amber Hargett has been singing all her life. Growing up, the local church gave her the opportunity to experience the power of music through worship. Later, she became a worship leader in multiple congregations before exploring her own gift for songwriting.

In 2017, Amber wrote a special song for a dear friend as a wedding gift entitled, “Carolina Blue”. The song was well received and many of the wedding reception guests were part of the local Dayton music scene. Before long, Amber was introduced to Patrick Himes and Reel Love Recording Company, and in 2018, began producing her first full-length solo album, “Paper Trail”.

Blending roots, folk, rock, pop and soul sounds into her unique storytelling style, Amber’s writing attempts to balance honesty with empathy and reflect truths about faith, life, and relationships. Her greatest hope is that the songs she writes will encourage those who hear it and inspire them to love others more deeply.

This is most notably demonstrated in the single, “Somebody Loves You”, released in 2018. The song is written as a love letter to the audience and stands as a reminder that every person is valued and loved. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this single goes directly to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.



Carolina Blue - Amber Hargett
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Once We Had A Fight - Amber Hargett
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Buried - Amber Hargett
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